CryptoMon is a platform where a wide variety of cryptocurrencies can expand their horizon and actively promote themselves. Cryptocurrency is integrated with the genre of gaming that shows the highest level of enjoyment and addictiveness among digital contents, offering a new paradigm for the relatively closed cryptocurrency market.


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Why is it Special

First Person View FPS Game

Experience CryptoMon, a mobile first-person shooter (FPS) game in which cryptocurrency is earned by hunting monsters.

The lucky star

You can hit the jackpot by successfully shooting the monster’s weak points. Become a lucky star by winning big.

Cryptocurrency Monster

Meet the various monsters that represent cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Dragon and Ethereum Goblin.

Anyone Can Easily Play CryptoMon

CryptoMon is a multiplayer game in which the players simultaneously hunt for cute monsters by touching the screen. The value of the monsters goes up as the bullets hitting them are accumulated. The player who successfully catches the monster garners all of its accumulated value. The obtained monster may be used to repurchase bullets or may be exchanged into cryptocurrency through trading and selling. Moreover, the chances of a boss monster appearing in sight increase as bullets further accumulate. Although boss monsters have higher values and are more difficult to catch compared to ordinary monsters, aim for the jackpot by gaining success in hunting them.

Notable Characteristics of CryptoMon


CryptoMon is a mobile FPS game that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.


Other gamers can hunt the same monster together with the player at the same time; the one who catches the monster first gets the reward.


A single round of TAN, the bullets for attacking the monsters, has a value commensurate with the actual cryptocurrency.


Players become deeply immersed in the game because of economic rewards as well as simple but fun gaming aspects.


Successfully catching the monster leads to winning all the cryptocurrencies equivalent to the total amount of TANs accumulated on the monster.

Sharing information

Through the functions linked to the game, players can have easy access to various news and events related to cryptocurrencies.

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The Economic System of CryptoMon

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